Thuja Occidentalis Nigra Growth Rate: Fast Hearty, Fast Growing (2-4 ft per year), Deer Resistant, Multi Stalk
American Arborvitae Dark -
Thuja Occidentalis Nigra

Growing Zone: 3-7
Sunlight: Full/Partial
Growth Rate: Fast

Thuja Occidentalis Nigra Privacy Hedge is the ideal privacy hedge evergreen tree. Grows quickly and full from bottom to top.  Does an excellent job as a snow, sound, wind and visual barrier. This tree is tolerant of most soil conditions including sandy, clay, loamy and dry or wet. Climate isn't an issue with this tree either as it tolerates both cold winters and hot summers. As long as you live in zones 3-7. Thuja Occidentalis Nigra require very little care required for this tree, keeps shape needs very little pruning, trimming or fertilization. 

  • Hearty
  • Fast Growing (2-4 ft per year)
  • Deer Resistant
  • Multi Stalk

Thuja Occidentalis Nigra